Nick Gallagher – Champion model – BOOST


Tama Specs ➖
Design: V10 Ashteroid design (I won using the Ashteroid at KWC last year, so I had to pay homage)

Color scheme: Red, White and Blue. I wanted to make a kendama that represented America so I went with the classic colors of the flag. The color pattern is the same as my pro mod because I love it so much! Shoutout Stephen Maxam (@staxamart)

Stars: 8 stars around the tama hole, one gold star on the string hole. There were 9 finalists from the USA at KWC last year, so I wanted to have us all represented on this kendama.

Ken Engravings ➖
My initials as well as my final score from KWC 2019 are on the base of the ken. “Champ” is on the top of the big cup, a small star is underneath the small cup, and my QR code is on the base cup.

Hope you guys enjoy my Champ Model as much as I do!🔴⚪🔵

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Svars 0.200 kg

cushion clear, sticky clear

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