The best playing ken shape in the world. 


Includes 1 Prime shaped Ken and String.

A new Ken you can use to:

  • Customize your setup
  • Replace a thrashed Ken
  • Match your favorite Tama with a different Ken
  • Woodburn some sick designs
  • Try a new wood species to see how it plays
  • Paint it your favorite color
  • Swap out parts to make your own Frankendama


Also good for:

  • Use as Garden Stakes
  • Protect your home and/or family
  • Big cups > Spoons
  • Playing games of K.E.N. with an imaginary tama
  • Home Decor
  • Glue the spike this time
  • Pet Chew Toy
  • Kindling
  • Stop worrying about that chipped basecup from your 2 hour long Quad-Tap film sesh

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